Karnos Background

Character Sheet

Karnos grew up in a small rural village on the edge of civilization. His father, Kerathos, was a learned man and an adviser to the local ruling nobleman, Thomas Andelles. His mother, Narla, was a teacher and ran the small one room schoolhouse for the few Tiefling families that lived in the surrounding farmsteads. Despite his position with Thomas, the local humans looked with distrust on Karnos’ family and the other Tieflings in the area.

The Tieflings that Karnos grew up with had a ritualized cleansing…with fire. They would regularly go through the refining process, burning away the demonic past and renewing their pursuit of a civilized future. It was a calming and meditative practice and brought focus and peace to a group ostracized and feared by the local humans.

Unfortunately, some villagers discovered this ritual and needed little excuste to persecute the evil half-devils down the road. They subjected Karnos and his family to some good old fashioned witch-dunking. Being almost drowned as a 10-year old by ignorant villagers can really drive the love of water right out of you and so it came to pass that Karnos developed a severe dislike (some would say fear) of water.

The Warlord
This event also led Karnos’ family to flee to another town. Not wishing them to be without a home, Thomas sent them on their way to a territory ruled by his brother, Phillip. Phillip’s territory was primarily a mining territory in the badlands and so Kerathos was tasked with ensuring that the mines, miners and precsious ore were protected. karnos was now living inside a walled castle and his education included martial training – raids against the town were not unheard of and a standing militia was needed to guard against brigands and monsters alike.

As he alternated from the well-stocked library to the well-provisioned armory, Karnos found that he had a natural sense for strategy and tactics and could wield a weapon ably. As fate would have it, he was heading up the watch when a large and powerful band of warriors broke through the town wall and attacked the inhabitants. The watch suffered heavy casualties but a clever ruse devised by Karnos drew the raiders into an ambush and he was able to defeat them, saving the town with no civilian casualties.

From there his path was set. Karnos recruited and rebuilt the watch, training them to protect the town and the surrounding mining operations. After some time, however, Karnos grew restless in this desolate place. He had read every book in the library and longed to pursue adventures elsewhere and discover new places and lost knowledge. Bidding farewell to his family Karnos set out to find an acquaintance of Phillip who desired an abandoned keep to mapped…

The Gear
Solace – The long sword that swings by Karnos’ side is a long-time friend. The first weapon to call his own, many a goblin and thief found justice at its point

The Law – When he was promoted to head of the watch, Karnos was given a halberd by Phillip which all his men called “The long arm of the law”. It was this weapon that Karnos was weilding when he fought down that fateful raid. A strangely organic weapon, it seems to grow more powerful as Karnos uses it. When it first lit aflame Karnos panicked, thinking his weapon would be ruined. When he realized the flame was of magical origin, however, he felt that it was somehow speaking to him as if it were speaking to him in the secret language of his soul. He respects this weapon as a friend and believes there is some divine nature within it.

Old Faithful – The Durable Armor he wears day in and day out. It has saved his life more than once and he wouldn’t leave home without it.

Karnos Background

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