March of the Red Hand of Doom

Into the Vale

Investigating a vision from the high priest church of Bahamut, the group follows Aleric to the town of Hillwatch to investigate the potential of dark forces gathering in the Elsir Vale. On the way there, they encounter a stampeding wagon with a little girl holding the reins. Pursuing her was a rider in gray and another wagon bearing a cursing gnoll.

While the rest of the party engages the gnoll, Mord executes a leaping rescue of the girl off the wagon. After discerning that the rider behind her was her mother, he safely hands her off to the grey-cloaked woman and joins the rest of the group, now facing a larger band of gnolls and bugbears led by a hobgoblin named Tiger-Bane. After they took down Tiger-Bane and his cronies (with Mord taking the hobgoblin’s Tiger Skull helmet as a trophy), they learned from the girl (Tabitha) and her mother (Cereste) that this was part of a larger attack on refugees from Hillwatch and that the rest of their caravan was behind the copse of trees their pursuers emerged from.

Heading to the woods, they encounter the survivors of the caravan, led by Cereste’s husband, Brunh, who tells them of their ambushers: a woman in white that transformed into a wolf-beast before their eyes, a hobgoblin shaman, a half-wolf humanoid, and a slew of bugbears and gnolls. They took 6 of the refugees with them before leaving their wagons in tatters. He also informs them that this group was called the Reavers, and that this group regularly raided Hillwatch, taking 6 prisoners back with them each time.

Following their trail, the group comes to their hideout, a cave set into the Brown Hills. Mord and Ondes, providing reconnaissance, disarm a trap that makes it easier for the group to take down the Reaver’s first line of defense, an ogre named Little Boy, several more gnolls and a small flock of stirges.

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